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In Defense of Luis Enrique

Tides are turning. Even the most ardent Luis Enrique fans are starting to perhaps wonder if Roma’s experiment is one that simply is not going to work out. The concerns are not unfounded; no team, with all due respect to Lecce, can seriously lose to Lecce* by four goals and not wonder what in the world is going on with the defense. The evidence is clear to see; Roma are committing the same mistakes week-in, week-out, and not just in a high defensive line. Often the side has the majority of possession but does little with it, like a sponge that retains water for little reason other than simply to retain it. Continue reading


March 25th 2012: All Eyes on Capitano and Sabatini Pulls No Punches

Totti Talk

After Francesco Totti’s poorly attempted chip over Christian Abbiati during the Milan game, there has been quite a bit of discussion centered around Roma’s legendary number 10: namely, is he past it? The reaction from the Roma community has been harsh. Paolo Franci of RomaNews put it quite poetically: “Unfortunately however, time that passes is a judge that gives no discounts nor abbreviated rights. And I fear that in his game and in the tentative attempt to chip, yes the chip, his trademark, there is the tick-tock of time that has passed and will never return.” Franci gave Capitano a 4 for the match, reflecting fears that Totti may just be past it. Continue reading

Where Do Roma Go Next After This Season?


The question most Roma fans will have at season's end, “Who will Roma sign next?”


With Walter Sabatini as sporting director it looks like Roma has already started to make some moves. The team is currently working out a deal with 20 year old Brazilian defender. Dodo, to move from Corinthians to the capitol this coming Summer. There are also rumors that Roma, and some other Serie A teams, may try to lure Sebastian Prodl of Werder Bremen to their side. Continue reading

Simon Kjaer: A Gamble Worth Taking?

original photo: Simon Kjaer/Flickr

original photo: Simon Kjaer/Flickr

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote of a man called Benjamin Button, who was born as an old man and slowly aged backwards, losing his memory in the final (or first?) years of his life before everything turned to nothing. “The past … had faded like unsubstantial dreams from his mind as though they had never been. He did not remember”, the story goes as it nears its climax.

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