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role models

‘Role’ Models

role models

what’s my role

By: Greg Cimilluca

I don’t often get moved to write. Well, wait – I take that back. I OFTEN get moved to write, I just generally don’t do it. I usually try to leave it to the podcast (LaMagicast) for my airing of grievances/joys/analysis. I have however, hit a wall that requires me to put pen to paper. I hope it is worth your time.
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March 27th 2012: A Punishment for Pjanic & De Rossi to Defense

There’s never a dull moment at Roma, is there? Today we have injury news, the sighting of a legend, transfer rumblings that make only partial sense, and of course, more stories about locker room drama.  Continue reading


March 25th 2012: All Eyes on Capitano and Sabatini Pulls No Punches

Totti Talk

After Francesco Totti’s poorly attempted chip over Christian Abbiati during the Milan game, there has been quite a bit of discussion centered around Roma’s legendary number 10: namely, is he past it? The reaction from the Roma community has been harsh. Paolo Franci of RomaNews put it quite poetically: “Unfortunately however, time that passes is a judge that gives no discounts nor abbreviated rights. And I fear that in his game and in the tentative attempt to chip, yes the chip, his trademark, there is the tick-tock of time that has passed and will never return.” Franci gave Capitano a 4 for the match, reflecting fears that Totti may just be past it. Continue reading