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A Ten Year Old Nightmare

Lazio Roma March 21st 2004. Foto: Alexander Fredriksen

Lazio – Roma ten years ago. This is my Youtube-video. Foto: Alexander Fredriksen

A little while ago I read this article, written by a friend of mine. It’s his personal story from the events that unfolded in Rome March 21st 2004. We went to see Lazio – Roma together, Il Derby Della Capitale: one of the biggest derbies in the world. It was going to be a memorable night for everyone involved, but for all the wrong reasons.

The article made me want to share my story. Here it goes:

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I need a hero


I own many AS Roma shirts, and they all mean something to me for different reasons. The first one I ever owned. The one from the season I went to Italy and saw them play. The one that is the best looking in my view. The one with the Coppa Italia cockade on the sleeve. Right through to this season’s clean shirt produced by the club in-house. But one in particular means more to me than any other, and it’s the only one I own that carries a player’s number and name on the back.

That name is not Totti or De Rossi, Vucinic or Toni, Batistuta or Lamela. It is J. Sergio.

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Time For A Wake Up Call

FOOTBALL : Toulouse vs Lille - 35eme journee de L1 - 04/05/2013

The past few months have been filled with despair and frustration, as we continued to struggle for form, waved goodbye to yet another coach, and suffered defeat to Lazio in the Coppa Italia final. For once, many Romanisti were pleased to see the season end. However, one problem still remains. A problem which has provoked the strongest felt emotion of all: embarrassment.
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