La Magicast

La Magicast Episode 65: The Ketchup Effect

Starring Alex, Julian and Greg

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 We’re not dead… yet.

It’s been a whole year since last time. Many reasons for that, mostly practical, but we finally managed to do this again. Should be able to make another before August 2017 but we make no promises!

So Rudi Garcia is gone.

Spalletti is back.

We look at the biggest changes before jumping into Roma’s 2016/2007 mercato and upcoming campaign. We also caveat the heck out of the chat on the on IF Peres would join Roma. Well, he has now so you can just … errr.. ignore all those “If he joins…” comments.

This episode also has a lot of gloating (Greg), various ambient sound and disconnects (Julian) and condiments (Alex).


The La Magicast crew