La Magicast Episode 46: Where do we go from here?

Starring James, Luca and Imran

La Magicast


A tumultuous week came to and end on Sunday with the sacking of Zeman and the appointment of his replacement in the form of Andreazzoli as interim coach. In this episode James takes on the role as host and has with him Imran and newcomer Luca. Luca is a former season ticket holder and currently resides in London where he works as an analyst for

Join us as we discuss Zeman, Andreazzoli, Sabaldini and the situation the club finds itself in now.

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  • Damian Buckley

    Fascinating discussion. Great debut from Luca.

    I agree that Zeman had to go, but I thought you were a little harsh on him. Three things Zeman did in his half-season: get the best form out of Totti for several years; bring many good young players into the side; and bring a bit of excitement back to watching Roma. C’mon, the games against Fiorentina and Milan were stunning. You were right about his many weaknesses, especially in man management, but again, he did get the best out of Totti, which many managers find hard to do. At the end of the day he’s completely inflexible, and the players who were prepared to try his methods succeeded. The players who weren’t, didn’t.

    In changing from Zeman to a normal manager, I think we can throw Goicochea in the bin. My hope is that Tachtsidis has the talent to continue to develop, because he was brilliant before Christmas. My worry is that Castan and Marcos will look much less good under Andreazzoli. Usually defending is about not making mistakes, but under Zeman it was about staying calm when you’ve conceded three goals and having the pace to recover for errors. We will find out now whether the Brazillians can concentrate and read a game, and whether they have the determination to keep the opposition out at all costs. Being relaxed about conceding is no longer a good thing. For this reason I wonder if Burdisso will prosper, with either Castan or Marcos alongside him. It’s probably too late for Stek, but he’s another who might benefit from a return to normality.

    Two things I disagreed with: Totti can play in the 3 in a 4-2-3-1, if he shows the work rate we have seen from him this season. Even if he doesn’t it is the safest place to play him. And let’s face it, we can’t leave him out. Also, I wouldn’t be thinking about moving Osvaldo wide left. He is the consummate centre forward, good at everything: heading, shooting, pace, movement, aggression, attitude, holding the ball up, workrate. In any system, Osvaldo up front is the first name on the team sheet for me. That doesn’t mean he is the best player, but he gives us a balance no other forward can. I don’t think there are many all-round centre forwards in modern football, and we’re lucky to have one.

    You’ve sold Pioli to me. Here’s hoping it comes off. I’d be interested to hear more about him in future pods, because I follow Roma rather than Serie A in general. Is he wedded to a particular formation? Can he be characterised as attacking or defensive, or is he balanced? Is he intelligent or passionate? And, most important of all, does he wear a suit or training gear on the sidelines?

    Thanks for a great pod, DB