Roma vs. Milan

Roma/Milan: Another look

Roma vs. Milan
This time Sam Rubio takes a stab at the Roma Milan game.

Roma vs. MilanBy: Sam Rubio

If you consider yourself a Roma fan and you missed the AC Milan game on Saturday night (December 22), you have to go and try to find it somewhere, download it and watch it. What a treat for Roma fans. I mean, the match was an example of what “Zemanlandia” is all about, attacking football and lots of pressure on in an effort to regain possession. What a fun game to watch.

The Who

Let’s start with the lineup: Goicoechea, Piris, Burdisso, Marquinhos, Balzaretti, Pjanic, De Rossi, Bradley, Totti, Lamela and Osvaldo. One can argue that this should be the starting eleven – all things being even (with the only change of Castan for Burdisso in defense).

First Half: 3-0 Roma

The first half was as entertaining as you can ask for: defensively we control El Shaarawy and company to very few shots on goal, while offensively we distributed the ball well creating various scoring opportunities with three of them reaching the back of the net. Unlikely hero Nico Burdisso started things off while persistent contributors Osvaldo and Lamela finished the first half scoring. What else can you ask for? Well, maybe a Totti goal (EDITOR’S NOTE: ALMOST got one in the second half from our captain!), but I have no doubt in my mind you’ll take this.

Second Half: 4-2 Roma

The second half started with a Roma team still pushing forward and looking for more. AC Milan, outside of a few players didn’t show their fans much to be excited about (is this team playing Barcelona in the Champions League? Mexes and Yepes starting center backs? Where in the world is Thiago Silva? Oh well, let Allegri worry about that). Many of you were probably wondering “where in the world did Balzaretti’s crossings skill go? Well, Roma’s fourth goal (put in by Lamela, the third headed goal of the game for il lupi) we can see that the long-haired man’s still got it. All we can ask for is just a bit more of consistency out of him. Regarding Milan’s late two goals? Well, let’s remember we are still watching AS Roma and “Zemanlandia” at its maximum expression if you know what I mean.

The Who Part II:

Individual performances? It’s hard to say, I know it sounds like a “cliche” but it was an all around great team effort. If I had to pick three I guess it would be Lamela, De Rossi and Goicoechea. Also, with Marquinhos we might be witnessing the making of a world class defender right in our own stadium, can you believe he is only 18 years old? How awesome is that? (EDITOR’S NOTE: This sounds so familiar)

The Future’s So Bright…

What’s next? A trip to the San Paolo to face a solid but troubled Napoli squad, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s enjoy this one. We are saying “Good Riddance” to 2012 on a high note, and right in the hunt for a Champions League spot. That was one heck of a Christmas present from your favorite football team. All we can ask for is to keep this momentum going into the new year.

Your Turn To Comment

I am excited to see what your thoughts about the game are. Ready? Go…