• http://twitter.com/WhoDatNinja52 Steven Liang

    LE needs to learn we can’t play a high line with the defense we have now.. If we can make Lecce look like title contenders, we have to change tactics.. I understand he wants to instill his system with Roma but getting picked apart by EVERYBODY on the counterattack is getting kinda old now..

  • http://twitter.com/DamianBuckley1 Damian Buckley

    A shocking result, and LE is beginning to look like a coach who doesn’t ‘get’ defence. There is progress up front and in midfield, but I fear nothing has been learned defensively this whole season. We’re still at square one in learning to defend.

    Yesterday’s back four would probably be my first choice selection given current availability. And they conceded four. To Lecce. It’s beyond frustrating.