Roma vs. Novara

Player Ratings: Roma 5-2 Novara

Our ratings for the Roma-Novara match.

Roma vs. Novara


  • Maarten Stekelenburg (Goalkeeper) – The two goals that got past him were not his fault. He saved several shots on goal from Caracciolo. Rating: 7
  • Rodrigo Taddei (Defender) – Looked very tired at times, and gave the ball away too easily towards the end. Rating: 5
  • Jose Angel (Defender) – A great performance from the Spaniard. He did well to get the ball back and never gave up even towards the end of the match. Rating: 7
  • Daniele De Rossi (Defender) – The fans expected a better performance from the Vice Captain. He was caught out of position too many times leading to Novara’s two goals. Rating: 5.5
  • Simon Kjaer (Defender) – Luis Enrique had no choice but to put him in the game. He was also caught out of position and should have covered the back much better. Rating: 5.5
  • Fabio Simplicio (Midfielder) – A great game for the Brazilian that was topped off with a chip over the keeper for the third goal. Rating: 6.5
  • Marquinho (Midfielder) – He showed how well he could do in the air to put away the first goal. He was a constant threat in the attack all afternoon. Rating: 7
  • Fernando Gago (Midfielder) – An improved effort from Gag compared to last week. He did well to keep the ball moving by helping Totti in the midfield. Rating: 6
  • Francesco Totti (Striker) – The captain played more as a playmaker in the midfield and had some great passes. Although he didn’t score he did get an assist on a corner kick. Rating: 6.5
  • Bojan Krkic (Striker) – Showing some fancy footwork in the penalty box to get around defenders. He scored the fourth goal of the match to put the game out of Novara’s reach. Rating: 7
  • Pablo Osvaldo (Striker) – Definitely man of the match with two assists and a goal. He never stopped getting forward with the ball and showed that he is not a selfish striker. Rating: 8


  • Erik Lamela (Striker) – He proved to be equally as frustrating to the Novara defense as Bojan. His goal showed that he is a player with tremendous skill. Rating: 7
  • Simone Perrotta (Midfielder) – Perrotta looked a little rusty at times, but once he got in the game he made the most out of his passes. Rating: 6
  • Federico Viviani (Midfielder) – He came on late into the game to give Totti a rest. He made a few challenges that showed he still needs some time to develop. Rating: 5.5



  • Samir Ujkani (Goalkeeper) – He had a terrible performance, and did not look confident when he came off his line. Rating: 4.5
  • Andrea Lisuzzo (Defender) – Overall Novara’s defense looked intimidated by the Roma attack. Lisuzzo was as much to blame as the other defenders for allowing five goals. Rating: 4
  • Giuseppe Gemiti (Defender) – He did get an assist with the first goal, and he got the ball into Roma’s territory well at times. He left wide gaps in the defense that played right into Roma’s attack. Rating: 4.5
  • Michel Morganella (Defender) – He had a very small impact on the game, but was overwhelmed by Osvaldo, Bojan, and Marquinho. Rating: 4
  • Massimo Paci (Defender) – Poor defending really sums up his game. Roma were expected to win but not by such a large goal difference. Rating: 4
  • Santiago Garcia (Defender) – He was possibly the one shining light in Novara’s back line. He did well to get possession back several times. Rating: 5.5
  • Daniel Jensen (Midfielder) – Another Novara player that did very little with possession. Rating: 5
  • Filippo Porcari (Midfielder) – He gave the ball away too many times to Roma’s midfielders and had to scramble back to help with the defense. Rating: 4.5
  • Simone Pesce (Midfielder) – There were a few plays where he was able to cause some trouble,
    but but seemed to give up about ten minutes into the second half. Rating: 5
  • Andrea Caracciolo (Striker) – He took advantage when Kjaer and De Rossi were out of position to get a goal and an assist. It’s possible he may move to a bigger club in the Summer. Rating: 6
  • Jeda (Striker) – He really should have tied the game up, but his shot was too wide. He was substituted midway in the second half. Rating: 4.5

  • Alberto Fontana (Goalkeeper) – Looked lost several times, and came out of the box in one of the worst goalkeeping performances of the season. Rating: 3.5
  • Andrea Mazzarani (Midfielder) – He came on to help the midfield out a bit, but the damage was already done. Aside from a few passes he did very little. Rating: 5
  • Takayuki Morimoto (Striker) – The Japanese striker has a had a terrible time with Novara, but took the one advantage he had all afternoon to get another goal on the board. Rating: 5.5
  • Sam

    too hard on Kjaer